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AAV Serotype Screening Service


AAV has been widely used for basic research and gene therapy applications due to good diffusibility, high tissue-specific, superior safety, good stability, low immunogenicity, and so on. There are many types of adeno-associated virus (AAV) serotypes, and different tissues or cells correspond to different optimal AAV serotypes. Which AAV serotype should be used for researcher’ project? To help researcher identify the optimal AAV serotype, we have developed a Viral Transduction Kit contains 11 kinds of AAV serotypes of GFP control viruses (AAV1, AAV2, AAV5, AAV7, AAV8, AAV9, DJ, AAVrh10, PHP.B, Anc80), which can simultaneously infect specific tissues or cells.

Service Details

WZ Biosciences’ AAV Serotype Screening Services are given below:

Cat No.


Validation Method


Turnaround Time


The Optimal AAV Serotype Identifying

Real-time PCR




The Optimal AAV Serotype Identifying for in vitro experiments




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Service Description

For AAV Serotype Screening, The information to be provided by the customer is as follows:

1. For the Optimal AAV Serotype Identifying, total RNA (≥4ug) or cells (≥10E6) or fresh tissue samples(≥300mg) are shipped frozen on dry ice to us, after viral transduction and observing positive results.

For the Optimal AAV Serotype Identifying for in vitro experiments, you can provide AAV serotype mixtures (or adopt WZ Biosciences’Viral Transduction Kit) and your target cells for screening.

Service Process



⊙ 1.The optimal AAV serotype of infected PC12 cells in vitro

WZ Biosciences’ Viral Transduction Kit was used to infect HEK293 cells in 6-well plate, MOI 5*10E5, and the cells were collected and photographed after 48h.At the same time, each serotype of AAV was used to infect 293 cells separately, MOI 1*10E5, and photos were taken after 48h.The comparison of the infection effect showed that the detection results of qPCR were consistent with the fluorescence results, indicating that the optimal AAV serotype of infected 293 cells could be successfully screened as AAV2 serotype with this product.

Fig.A Green fluorescence of different AAV serotypes
and AAVmix infect PC12 cells

Fig.B Infectivity of different AAV serotypes infect PC12cells

⊙The optimal AAV serotype of infected mouse brain in vivo

C57 adult mice were infected with 1*10E12vg AAVmix via tail vein injection. Brain tissue was collected for detection 2 weeks later.Obvious green fluorescence can be observed on frozen sections of the mouse brain. Using WZ Biosciences’ AAV serotype fastly screening Kit, the PHP.B serotype had the most infectivity for mouse brain were successfully screened.

Fig.A Green fluorescence of frozen section of brain tissue

Fig.B Infectivity of different AAV serotypes infect mouse brain

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