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AAV Serotype Selection Kit


More than 200 nature or modified AAV serotypes are used in animal or gene therapy study. The tissue or cell type tropism of some serotypes are well studied. However for many tissue and cell types, the best tropism tested by different researchers are different or contradicted.

In the traditional one to one comparison methods, each serotype AAV was injected into different animal. The expression of GFP is assayed microscopy images. The transduction of different AAV serotypes were compared from data generated from different animals and different experiments. The variation between animals and experiments in most time made the comparison not very reliable. The quantification of microscopy images introduced more variations.

Expression barcoded GFP is very successful in determine and comparing the difference in tropism of AAV serotypes. Each expression barcoded GFP is packaged into AAV with one unique AAV serotype capsid. The resulted All serotypes of AAV virus then are mixed at equal titer. After injection or transduction, target tissue and cells then can be analyzed by GFP expression for success of transduction. The tropism of different AAV serotypes can then be analyzed by barcode PCR or next gene sequence from mRNA isolated from the target tissue or cells. The relative ratio of barcodes can be used to determine the relative tropism of different AAV serotypes used in the study.

WZ Biosciences puts 11 most used AAV serotypes of expression barcoded GFP virus together. We developed and validated this "Viral Transduction Kit", to help our customers to select the optimal AAV serotype for their research. WZ Biosciences also provides "AAV Serotype Screening Service". Please click it for further information.

Product Name & Catalog Number

Product Name:Viral Transduction Kit

Catalog Number:SS000000

Product Components



11 AAV Serotypes mix


Specification:Titer 5×10E13 vg/ml & Volume 100ul

12 Primers

Including:11 Primers for 11 AAV Serotypes & 1 Primer for EGFP

Specification:Concertration 10µM/µl & Volume 10ul/Primer

Q-PCR Reagents

Volume 1ml

Product Price
100 μl,5×10E13 vg/ml,$2499.00

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life
1. Store AAV Serotypes mix at 4℃, used within one month after opening;
2. Store other components at -20℃.

Product Instructions

Key Features
• Using WZ Biosciences’ Viral Transduction Kit makes the experimentation handily and effectively. The optimal AAV serotype can be selected after only one infection, effectively solving the complicated and time-consuming problem of AAV serotype screening;
• The detection cycle is short and cost-effective. A relatively high-throughput testing can be completed with a low cost;
• High accuracy and visualized results. The infection efficiency of AAV can be observed by fluorescence microscopy.

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