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Viral Transduction Enhancer

一、Product Introduction:

Product Name: Viral Transduction Enhancer;

Abbreviation: ADV-HR

Cat. No:FH880805

Specification: Concentration 1mg/ mL; Volume 1ml

Storage conditions: It is recommended to store at -20after aliquoting, and store at 4within a week.

Reminder: Avoid repeated freezing and thawing! Repeated freezing and thawing will seriously affect the experimental results, please use it within a week!

二、Product Description:

The Viral Transduction Enhancer(shortened to ADV-HR) enhance virus adsorption on target cell membranes, thereby increasing adenovirus and lentivirus gene transfer efficiency.

三、Viral Transduction Enhancer Protocol

3.1 Directly adding the virus to the cell culture, suitable for easy-to-transfect cells

1. For viral transduction, add ADV-HR directly into cell culture dish/well/flask. Shake gently to ensure homogenous spread.

2. The follow-up steps depend on the virus type and individual experiment.

3.2 Incubating cells, virus and ADV-HR before transfering the this mixture to complete medium, suitable for hard-to-transfect cells

Take the 6-well plate as an example:

3.2.1 Preparation of ADV-HR transduction mixtures in a 1.5ml EP tube are given below(Total volume: 100ul):


X µ L


Y µ L

Cell suspension

(100-X-Y) µL containing 1.0×10E6 cells

ADV-HR dosage X refer to pre-experimental results; Virus dosageY is calculated based on virus titer, cell culture formats, and multiplicity of infection (MOI) .

3.2.2 Mix gently by pipetting up and down, and incubate at 37℃ in  for 0.5-1 hours.

3.2.3 Gently resuspend the cells using a pipette, and place directly into the freshly prepared 6-well plate. Gently swirl and place into a 5% CO2 incubator at 37.

3.2.4 The follow-up steps depend on the virus type and individual experiment.

四、Examples-The lentiviral transduction efficiency in HepG2 & CNE2 cells with ADV-HR