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Knockout Cell Line


CRISPR/Cas9 technology is a powerful molecular biology tool developed in early 2013. It mediates targeted genome editing through RNA-guided nuclease Cas9. This technique can be used for precise gene editing of the genome. Currently, the generation of gene knockout cell lines or animal models has become an important approach for studying gene function and gene-directed modification.

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Key Features:

Large collection to choose from -over 350 human gene knockout plasmids and over 60 human gene HEK293 knockout cell lines are available;
Human Gene HEK293 Knockout Plasmid & Cell Line, Human Gene HEK293 Knockout Cell Lines are more superiorer, the editating effect is higher and longer;
Guaranteed Gene Editating Efficiency, All human genes knockout plasmids have been validated;
Short turnaround time, knockout Cell Lines can be shipped within 2 weeks;
Competitive price.

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Delivery Specifications:

10E6 cell/tube,2 tubes
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