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gRNA clones


WZ Biosciences offers premade 13,000 mouse gRNA pool clones and over 350 human gRNA pool clones. Four gRNAs were designed to use with spCAS9 for each targeting gene. The annealed primers were pooled and cloned into pCAG-GFP-U6-gRNA vector. The gRNA targeting sequences were well selected and tested, we guarantee the knock out efficiency. Our mouse gRNA clones cover most of the functional known genes, such as transcription factors, signal transduction genes, kinase and phosphatase. All our human gRNA pool clones were tested for their knockout function in HEK293 cells, and cover most cancer related gene and markers. Our gRNA clones are compatible with AAV packaging systems. They can be used with spCAS9 transgenic mice for in vivo gene knockout study. All these clones are ready for secondary day delivery.

Key Features:

large collection:

-over 13,000 mouse gRNA pool clones & more than 350 human gRNA pool clones;

Knockout Efficiency High probability:

Multiple gRNAs are designed against each mouse gene;

Knockout Efficiency Assurance:

Human gRNA pool clones have been verified by knockout effects, and the effect is guaranteed;

Next Day Deliverary;
Competitive price;

•Can be used for in vitro knockout cell line or in vivo spCAS9 transgenic mice study

Ordering Process:

Delivery Specifications:

500 ul Glycerol Stock

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