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Human ORF Clone


WZ Biosciences has more than 18,000 human ORF clones. These human ORFs are in the uniquely designed pEnter mammalian expression vector. All ORF clones were verified by sequencing. These ready-to-express products are cost-effective and available for next day-delivery. The various aspects of our pEnter-human ORF plasmids includes:1. CMV eukaryotic strong promoter, and Kozac sequence for efficient protein expression; 2. c-terminal Flag &6×His tags for protein expression detection and recombinant protein purification; 3. Pruomycine resistant gene for stable transfection selection; 4. Left & Right Arms for adenoviral vector construction with AdEasy packaging system. Further, the human ORFs can be shuttled into more than 50 destination vectors in a simply “cut and paste” approach in just 2-3 hours.

Key Features:

Ready to be shuttled into more than 50 destination vectors, including adenoviral, lentiviral and adeno-associated virus vectors;

•large collection-18,000 Human ORF cDNA clones;

Ideal for adenoviral backbone vectors recombination & adenovirus producttion;

Full sequence verified by NextGen Sequencing;
Competitive price;
Ready to use and available for next-day delivery.

Ordering Process:

Delivery Specifications:

500 ul Glycerol Stock

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