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Human shRNA Clone


WZ Biosciences has predesigned siRNA sequences against over 27,000 human genes. 4 siRNAs are designed for each gene and cloned into pAV-U6-GFP vector with the stem-loop structure "Sense-loop (TTCAAGAGA)-Antisense". We guarantee at least 70% knockdown of the target gene with our designed shRNA vectors. WZ Biosciences also offer custom shRNA cloning and gene kockdown validation services. For more information please contact us. For hard-to-transfect cells, or in vivo animal study, we recommend viral delivery (Adenoviurs, Lentivirus or AAV).

Key Features:

siRNAs are predesigned against over 27,000 human genes;
Ready to be cloned into adenoviral, lentiviral and adeno-associated virus shRNA vectors at any time for viral vectors preparation;
Competitive price;
•Knockdown Efficiency Assurance:

We guarantee that at least one of the four will have a knockdown of 70% with our designed shRNA vector;

Ordering Process:

Delivery Specifications:

four shRNA clones and a scrambled control:each 500ul Glycerol Stock+5 µg plasmid

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Customer Published Papers:

1、INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY. (IF=3.899). Cui, et al. (2019). TGF-β-induced long non-coding RNA MIR155HG promotes the progression and EMT of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma by regulating the miR-155-5p/SOX10 axis.